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Series Overview

CEO Business Model Series: 
Evaluate Your Business Model, Operational Focus, Capabilities & Compensation
This annual multi-session series is specifically designed for agency CEOs and their management team leadership.
Over the course of three hard-hitting sessions, we will arm you with an evaluation on the health and performance of your agency – identifying the most immediate opportunities for growth. You will audit your agency, benchmark it against your industry peers, and leave with a plan of action.
In fact, we will address some of the most important issues as they relate to building an infrastructure for growth.
With this as our focus, we'll cover key concepts that include:
  • The New Marketing Services Industry Landscape
  • A Review of the Consultancies, Marketing Technology & In-House Agencies
  • How the Consultancies Are Driving Growth
  • The Capabilities of Consultancies
  • The Practices of Consultancies You Need to Keep an Eye On
  • Stepping Back, Evaluating Where Your Operating Model Is Most at Risk
  • Best Practices From the New Competitors to Drive Your Own Growth

In short, you will gain new insight into developing a solid organizational strategy focused on growth.

This Session

Session 3 of 3: Improving Your Agency's Compensation
Evaluate Your Compensation & Proposals, Review Methods to Immediately Increase Fees
Sept 25, 2018, 1:00 - 2:00pm ET
We will reveal the most effective ways in which agencies are now improving their fees. The goal is to move you beyond an unprofitable reliance on cost-plus fees, commissions, retainers or hourly rates. In fact, when you set aside the more dated approaches, an entirely new set of profit-driven possibilities surface.
Step-by-step, you will work through how to have your team more effectively correlate the agency's work to meaningful business outcomes – and then better position and communicate this in all RFPs, proposals, estimates and staffing plans. Ultimately, get better work approved at a far higher margin, while reducing the stress of day-to-day client approvals.
This session will have a direct impact on your ability to secure more revenue from new your current client roster and new business. Bring along a fee proposal or staffing plan and measure it against the lessons in this session.
Addressing the latest best practices, expect to leave with new methods you can immediately begin applying to increase your compensation.
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Who Should Attend?

This annual multi-session series is specifically designed for agency teams and their management team leadership – those playing a key role in driving growth of the agency.

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About the Instructor

Brent Hodgins

Managing Director

Brent Hodgins is the Managing Director of Mirren. Brent has trained CEOs and their senior management teams in every major region around the world. He is highly competitive as he pushes himself, his Mirren team, and his clients to accept nothing less than a commitment to growth.


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Brent Hodgins

Managing Director

Brent Hodgins is the Managing Director of Mirren. Brent has trained CEOs and their senior management teams in every major region around the world. He is highly competitive as he pushes himself, his Mirren team, and his clients to accept nothing less than a commitment to growth.

His approach to converting business is down to a science – strategic and methodical – but often contrarian. In fact, he believes you have no choice but to break many rules of prospecting and competitive reviews, as the process is purposely designed by clients to commoditize agencies. He also believes that agencies need to stop bowing down to clients and command the respect they deserve. “As soon as you put the client up on a pedestal, it’s a downward spiral from there. If you bring a high level of expertise to the table, then take a stand and command the respect you deserve.”

Brent began his career in account management at Leo Burnett, where he worked on Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s. Later at TBWA\Chiat\Day he launched their digital group in New York, before moving into new business at Wieden + Kennedy. He regularly guest lectures at NYU Stern and Columbia business schools.

After 17 years in New York, Brent recently moved to Seattle to open Mirren’s west coast office. He resides in the Ballard area with his wife and son.

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