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Designed for account management and strategic planning, this training series will turn your teams into client business partners – ultimately generating more business for the agency.

With the continued shift to project-based work, shrinking budgets and reduced timelines, it has become difficult to provide the same level of strategic impact. At the same time, agency cultures have become reactive, running from one client fire to the next.

More importantly, client’s expectations have spiked. They are demanding deeper consumer insights, strategy that cuts across a growing number of channels, and more immediate business impact.

To that end, clients are paying a premium for agencies with more effective strategic processes.


With a focus on marketing-communications strategy, this five-part training series will make your teams more strategically driven, more business-outcome focused, and more efficient. The series will cover:

The New Strategic Process
  • Step-by-step, we will break down the key components of each stage of the strategic process.
  • By understanding and codifying a more effective approach, you will quickly improve the strategic impact of your entire account management department.​
Client Business Analysis: Correlate Your Work to Client Outcomes
  • Here, we’ll review several exercises and tools you can use to accelerate your understanding of the most critical client KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Applying principles from management consulting firms, you will then learn how to better correlate the agency’s work to these important business outcomes.
The New Role of Strategic / Account Planning
  • Now one of the most critical roles in an agency of any type, we’ll break down this function and outline how to get the most out of it for your agency (and your clients); be it full-time or freelance.
Elevating the Client Brief
  • Due to exceptionally busy senior clients, agency brief writing is delegated down to lower level managers (who lack senior strategic ability). 
  • Learn how to apply a consultative approach to completely elevate the quality of client strategic briefs.
The Three Briefs
  • This portion of the training breaks down the three marketing communications briefs your agency should be using to ensure greater business impact – while increasing your efficiency.
Research Planning & Insight Development
  • Business is won and lost on the quality of the consumer insight.
  • Knowing you likely don’t have large research budgets and extended timelines, we’ll review methodologies that uncover bigger insights – quickly and efficiently.
  • We’ll address qualitative and quantitative research: from interviews to surveys, learn how to complete powerful research that helps the agency convert more business from the client.
Selling Your Strategy
  • In this portion of the training, we’ll review how to better package and sell your agency’s strategic recommendation.
  • This will include a look at how to craft the deck, use insights as a selling tool, and have your team better command the room.
Codifying Your Strategic Process
  • A process is not truly a process until it’s codified – fully outlined and recorded.
  • Learn how to capture your improved process in a way that ensures the most efficient approach possible, while making it easier to train everyone in the agency.

This training will challenge your team on how effectively the agency is correlating its work back to client business outcomes. With that as one of the key end goals, we step back and outline a process that will elevate everyone’s focus and ability – including senior and mid-level account team members.


Who Should Attend?

Book your entire account management and strategy team to join this training program. While the curriculum is geared toward senior and mid-level team members, your more junior executives will also elevate their ability to play a strategic role on your client accounts. Many participating agencies will also have some of their account planners join the sessions.


Training Dates:

Session One - Friday, Sept 22, 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
  • The New Client Expectations For Agency Strategy
  • Becoming a Strategic Partner: Project Kick-Off Briefing
Session Two - Friday, Sept 29, 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
  • Becoming a Strategic Partner: Elevating the Client Brief
Session Three - Tuesday, Oct 10, 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
  • Targeting, Segmentation, Research & Insights
Session Four - Tuesday, Oct 17, 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
  • Developing Consumer Insight That Improves the Client's Business
Session Five - Tuesday, Oct 24, 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
  • Research Planning: Interviews, Surveys and More
  • Internal Strategy Brief Development
Session Six - Wednesday, Nov 1, 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST
  • Client Presentations: Selling Your Strategic Recommendation
  • Codify and Train Your New Process


Training Materials:

A printed handout will be provided following each session as your team progresses through the course.


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About the Instructor

Brent Hodgins

Managing Director

Brent Hodgins is the Managing Director of Mirren. Brent has trained CEOs and their senior management teams in every major region around the world. He is highly competitive as he pushes himself, his Mirren team, and his clients to accept nothing less than a commitment to growth.


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Brent Hodgins

Managing Director

Brent Hodgins is the Managing Director of Mirren. Brent has trained CEOs and their senior management teams in every major region around the world. He is highly competitive as he pushes himself, his Mirren team, and his clients to accept nothing less than a commitment to growth.

His approach to converting business is down to a science – strategic and methodical – but often contrarian. In fact, he believes you have no choice but to break many rules of prospecting and competitive reviews, as the process is purposely designed by clients to commoditize agencies. He also believes that agencies need to stop bowing down to clients and command the respect they deserve. “As soon as you put the client up on a pedestal, it’s a downward spiral from there. If you bring a high level of expertise to the table, then take a stand and command the respect you deserve.”

Brent began his career in account management at Leo Burnett, where he worked on Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s. Later at TBWA\Chiat\Day he launched their digital group in New York, before moving into new business at Wieden + Kennedy. He regularly guest lectures at NYU Stern and Columbia business schools.

After 17 years in New York, Brent recently moved to Seattle to open Mirren’s west coast office. He resides in the Ballard area with his wife and son.

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